Don't worry, all the instructions for our easy-to-make kits are included in the box. If you've misplaced them, or get stuck, here's a reminder.

Making the moulds

This is the fun part, and the clay can be re-used if you don’t get it right first time. And it's made of edible flour, so it’s quite harmless.

1. For the best results, take 230g (8 oz) of clay and knead it thoroughly. You may find that putting the unopened pouch of clay in warm water first will soften the clay and make it easier to knead.

2. When the clay is soft, make a small oval about 2.5 cm (1 in) thick. Place Baby’s foot (or hand) firmly onto the clay so it makes a deep footprint (or handprint). If the clay is too soft, try putting it into a plastic container first, and then take the impression.

3. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time. The clay can be re-used if kneaded with a little water, so long as it doesn’t harden.


Making the plaster

Once you are happy with your moulds, it’s time to make the plaster. There’s plenty of plaster provided, and half the pouch – 150g (5 oz) – should be enough to make four moulds.

1. Mix the plaster in a bowl. You’ll need two parts plaster to one part water. Or, for every two spoons of plaster, add one spoon of water. Mix thoroughly

2. When the plaster is fully mixed, wait 5 minutes. Then pour the plaster into each clay mould.

3. Leave to dry for at least 1 hour.

4. Remove the clay moulds. You can rip these off piece by piece, adding a little water to the clay if necessary.

5. Trim any irregularities from the plaster casts with a utility knife if necessary. Then allow your casts to dry fully for a day.



After leaving the casts to dry fully for a day, it’s time to decorate them with the paint included with your kit. 

1. Use a small paintbrush to apply the paint. You won’t need to add water.

2. The paint is premium quality so you’ll only need to apply it once.

3. Allow to dry for a couple of hours.


Making an inset picture frame

Your kit includes a mini picture frame to go with the moulds of Baby’s hands and feet. To make the mini-frame:

1. Find your favourite picture of Baby and trim it to the size of the mini frame

2. Peel the backing off the sticker label and attach your picture

3. Attach the sticker label, now complete with your picture, to the mini frame


Keepsake jar

Your kit includes a keepsake jar. You can use this for a lock of hair, or for a first tooth, nail clippings or for just about anything you like that reminds you of your baby's precious early days.


Making the presentation frame

Nearly finished! First though, you’ll need to sort the background design for the display box.

1. Select the design of your choice, and place it close to the wooden backboard

2. Peel off HALF of the white backing paper on the backboard

3. Carefully line up the top half of your chosen picture to the part of the backing board that you’ve just exposed. The board is very sticky, so do this carefully.

4. When you’re sure the picture is properly aligned, remove the rest of the white backing paper from the backboard. Smooth the rest of the picture into place.

Now all that’s left is for you to place Baby’s hand and feet moulds onto the background design using the glue provided. You can also position the mini picture frame and keepsake jar if you made them. Then just place the presentation frame over the top, push the retainers into place and you’re finished. Congratulations!